(New!) MonsterTack ASLAN DFP 05

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With a solvent vapour and lubricating oil resistant adhesive formulation, the polymeric, glossy digital printing film offers assurance for the most difficult applications. Trailer surfaces, such as plywood panels, which are often equipped with a dirt-repellent surface. Decals on construction vehicles, agricultural and industrial machines, that are subject to extreme mechanical stress and heavy pollution. Other
demanding applications include campers and mobile homes, petrol pumps, low-energy substrates, ABS plastics, motocross vehicles – wherever really extreme conditions prevail, MonsterTack ASLAN DFP 05 is an optimal solution. For applications to be done at temperatures below 0°C, MonsterTack ASLAN DFP 05 will offer a secure bond. The film can be applied at temperatures down to -10°C.* Despite its extremely high adhesive strength, MonsterTack ASLAN DFP 05 can be clean removed from lowenergy surfaces as well as from steel – not leaving any residue. To significantly extend the life of your prints, we recommend our PremiumProtect ASLAN SL 17 and PremiumProtect Matt ASLAN SL 18 laminates. They are ideal for use with the MonsterTack ASLAN DFP 05 and offer protection from UV-rays, the weather and mechanical wear.


    • short- to long-term applications on hard-to-stick substrates, (plywood-)trailer graphics or low-energy surfaces
    • decals on agricultural and industrial machines with stress and heavy pollution
    • motocross vehicles
    • petrol pumps
    • for application on cold surfaces and application temperatures from -10° C
  • Face film: PVC-film, polymeric softened, white, glossy

    Thickness: 70 µm

    Adhesive: Pressure sensitive polyacrylate adhesive

    Adhesive properties: Permanent, extra strong adhesion

    Release liner: Silicone paper, 140 g/m², PE-coated on both sides

    Printability: Solvent, eco-solvent, latex, UV curable and screen printing inks

    Surface: Flat and curved surfaces

    Outdoor durability: 7 years

    Dimensions: 50 m x 1,22 m