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This self-adhesive polyester film is characterized by a high-quality mirror like effect. Applied on even substrates, the surface of the film reflects mirror images brilliantly, and makes rooms appear optically larger and brighter. The high scratch-resistance of the film ensures that the mirror effect remains brilliant in the long term. Since the mirror effect can be seen on both sides, the film particularly shows to advantage, when it is applied behind glass. Especially designed for the decoration of smooth surfaces, the self-adhesive mirror effect film is ideally suited for applications in exhibition stand construction, shop fitting, visual merchandising, interior design etc.


    • Create plotted designs, logos and lettering or full-surface designs on smooth, flat surfaces
    • Stylish decorations with dramatic mirror effects in shop fitting, exhibition stand construction, visual merchandising, interior design and many other applications
    • Makes rooms appear bigger and brighter
    • Ideal for glass surfaces, as effects are identical on both sides
  • Face film: Metallised PET-film

    Thickness: 75 µm

    Adhesive: Pressure sensitive polyacrylate adhesive

    Adhesive properties: Semi-permanent

    Release liner: Siliconised polyester film, 75 µm

    Surface: Smooth surfaces

    Outdoor durability:Silver: 3-5 years

    Gold: up to 2 years

    Dimensions: 25 m x 1.25 m