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A 350 µm thick PET film containing particles of glitter that gives it an incredible sparkly effect. In fact, the unusually high level of glitter particles offers the perfect light reflection to its maximum effect. The film is available in the colours black, white, gold, silver, red and green. It is suitable for use on all smooth surfaces, bringing a touch of glamour to shop displays, architecture features and trade fair designs. Ideal for use on glass as the colour effect is double sided with only a slightly reduced glitter effect on the back. What‘s more, due to the transparent carrier film, it is easy to apply. Thanks to the liner, PE-coated on both sides, the film has good lay flat qualities. ASLAN‘s excellent water-based adhesive system enables
it to be bonded to glass with high transparency and excellent colour brilliance. In addition, the film can be removed from glass and metal surfaces without leaving any residue.For a minimum order of 500 metres linear 30 further colours are available.